Business Fundamentals | Entrepreneurs

  • Business fundamentals

    Picking a niche, identifying problems, finding opportunities, market validation, pricing.

  • Product development

    Designing, delivering and improving differentiated products customers love.

  • Marketing

    Getting your markets attention, generating leads, appointments, and hot prospects ready to buy.

  • Sales

    Talking to prospects, ethical persuasion, handling objections and closing the deal on the call.

  • Problem solving

    How to think clearly, solve problems quickly and see ten moves ahead with precision.

  • Websites & funnels

    Creating websites, landing pages and funnels, all by yourself. Be better than experts, get it free!

  • PPC advertising & CRO

    Creating Facebook ads, testing, scaling, split tests, conversion rate optimization, domination!

  • Management & hiring

    How to hire contractors and employees, management, culture, performance tracking.

  • Operations

    How to manage your entire machine, systemize, optimize for efficiency, leverage technology.

  • Scaling & automation

    How to scale from 3 customers to $50m /year at breakneck speed with systems/automation.